Taking Charge Of Your Feelings

          I have found myself going through feelings depending on my surroundings and depending on the way I was treated by others. If I had a good experience at the store, I would feel good and I would enjoy passing that same good feeling with others. But what happened every time someone was rude? I would always feel like I had a bad day or I would share my experience with a friend or with my husband.


We all get caught in letting someone else take control of our feeling whether we know it or not. And unfortunately we give other people more control over ourselves than we are aware of. When I finally realized of how much control I was giving others over my own feelings, I was able to make that change for myself. Every time I get upset, I am able to stop that feeling and analyze why I was feeling the way I was. When you are able to stop and acknowledge what you are feeling, you are also able to make the choice to change what you feel.



Remember that practice makes perfect so at the moment I am not perfect, but I sure get many opportunities to practice. It is a challenge to change your feelings especially when you are really upset, but with practice, you get to take charge of your feelings.

When you take charge of your feeling and you choose to be happy, then you attract more of the good feelings and soon enough you will encounter many people that will make you feel loved and happy. You will also get the opportunity to practice choosing happiness. Nobody should have the control of your happiness. Yes there are people that can give you that happiness but don’t give them the power to take it away .

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